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Régis Pennel, Founder of the L’Exception Concept Store
2020.05.22 Fashion

From generation Z to Instagram: the new advertising channels used by fashion brands

Think about it: How much time do you spend on your telephone every day? The number is bound to be impressive! There’s no denying that digital devices have become indispensable for many of us, not least because their capabilities have gone through the roof over the years. What a windfall for the development of new sales channels! And even if our smartphones sometimes feel like a new limb that’s been grafted onto us, the younger generation has adopted them without a second thought. They see smartphones as something they were born with, something that allows them to do almost everything. This is the defining factor of Gen Z. It’s within this perspective that, at least in the world of fashion, advertising on social media has grown exponentially in terms of advertising budgets. To the point that it is taken for granted whenever we talk about Gen Z, new technologies, or new communication channels. Here’s a brief look at the new ways of communicating as well as new ways of advertising.
What is Gen Z?
Let’s start by describing this new era represented by Gen Z, often referred to as the “silent generation.” There are three types of Gen Z, but all co-habit around a common foundation. Even if it is also referred to as “generation C” (Communication, Collaboration, Connection, Creativity), Gen Z is the younger sibling of Gen Y. Concretely speaking, this generation brings together those born after 1995. Since their birth, their universe has been defined by the omnipresence of the Internet and digital supports. Brimming with energy, not afraid of failure, entrepreneurial down to their bones; those are some of the many ways Gen Z is perceived. But if there is one thing that cannot be overlooked, it is the presence in their lives of communication supports like a telephone. According to a study carried out by the Swiss Education Group, 6 daily activities out of 10 are posted onto the internet by Gen Z. An alarming statistic from a social perspective, but that, for a fashion brand, is significant within the context of their communication and making their products or services seen. Nowadays, Gen Z is therefore defined by a very strong link to new technologies and ways of digital consumption. This is the new desirable target for advertisers and it all starts with the image!
generation Z
At the heart of everything: image
For a fashion brand, advertising must be ready to absorb the new behaviours brought forth by this new generation, as well as the appearance of digital supports. This naturally implies knowing how to adapt to their means of communication, especially on social media. Instagram, Pinterest, and now 21 Buttons or even TikTok, so many platforms that are critical to use for the plain and simple reason that they are all based on the primary element of this new era: image. According to a study by Diplomeo, if 64% of the young generation has an Instagram account, it goes without saying that communicating through image is a non-negotiable tool for a fashion brand. Far from traditional media, social networks are a sign of instantness, but also of a significant drop in concentration. Indeed, effectively talking about a product on Instagram equals knowing how to capture the attention of one’s audience in a way that is fast and efficient. Tailored content that may not necessarily be the same as on other supports. A clear message, a strong identity, products that stand out; these are some of the elements that determine how to effectively advertise on these supports.
generation Z
Social media, a new sales channel
If so many brands are developing this channel within their overall advertising budgets, it’s simply because social media is particularly easy to use. In fact, in 2018, the Instagram platform even launched a “shopping” function, which is simply presented as a purchasing service integrated into the application. Nonetheless, Facebook still attracts the lion’s share of advertising budgets, but it should be pointed out that the mobile phone screen has become the first stop for many consumers, no matter what sector. This also explains why so many brands and agencies hire influencers, veritable symbols of this new generation. These people, who are widely followed on social media, are basically the brand’s shop window and they present specific products, services and recommendations to their tens of thousands of followers. This personal branding has become a new advertising channel, similar to brand ambassadors. For a fashion brand, everything should be merged in a way that creates a coherent overall identity, and in line with the basic storytelling. The job of community manager has never been as important as it is today! Among the reasons for using these new communication tools: Retaining old clients Attracting new clients, Enhancing the natural SEO of a brand Growing traffic on your website Dusting off or animating your image, Creating a community, basically! It’s become clear that from Gen Z to social networks, the new communication channels can bring a lot of benefits to fashion brands. Moreover, these types of platforms and behaviours sometimes end up creating trends, some of which become incredibly popular; making clear that some brands are actually born on these supports, a sign that the new digital era is here to stay!
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