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2020.07.10 Fashion

Jewellery for Men: The trends of 2020

Until very recently, men’s jewellery was lightyears away from what it has become today. Somewhat polarising, not enough choice; most men didn’t really see themselves wearing the jewellery that was offered in past year. But by 2020, things had changed thanks to a few brands that managed to sweep away the cobwebs from the perception of jewellery for men. There’s a new energy in this now promising market. To cite one example, the Le Gramme brand has reported an 80% increase in sales in the space of 3 years. As in almost any domain, jewellery is subject to fundamental trends which are reflected on the runway but also by the sector’s players. Here’s a look at the most worn (and wearable) pieces of 2020!
The open bangle
An open bangle is a metal, semi-rigid bracelet with an opening in the centre so that you can slip it onto your wrist. This year, it is once again in the spotlight as we see it springing up all over the place. Its principle advantage is its elegance, which makes it a piece of jewellery that can be worn every day. Indeed, it is usually designed along very minimalist lines, quite the opposite of a piece of costume jewellery or any piece that is too show off-y. Nonetheless, plenty of its fans opt for an engraved style, for an obviously bohemian vibe. A way to dress up your wrist without being too loud!
The medallion
The medallion is definitively back in fashion, for both men and women. With a look that falls somewhere between an archaeological treasure and a talisman, it’s been all over the runways, including at Versace and Fendi. Generally, a medallion is attached onto a chain in a style that obviously recalls antiquity. It’s a way to play with the old-fashioned spirit that this type of accessory gives off yet make the necklace simultaneously flashy and subtle.
Large chain links
When you talk about men’s jewellery, it is clear that 2020 has brought back a lot of old trends. For example, the chain link necklace has made a marked return to men’s necks - but not just any kind of link! The “prison gang chain,” with its oversized links that became famous as a key accessory with rappers, was ripe for a re-boot. The well worn cliché became the soul of streetwear style, and can now be increasingly seen on all sorts of people, hype beasts or not. Indeed, this year big chains can be seen everywhere, including at Louis Vuitton, which showcases them as a statement piece. This represents a certain democratised vision of fashion that allows everyone to tweak their tastes to match their sartorial ambitions and moods.
A single earring
It goes without saying that earrings are no longer just for women. Indeed, the modern 2020 Man wears them proudly, but this year more than ever, the single earring is winning the popularity contest. Inherited from sailors, this tradition is definitely back, and the flashier the better. If the side on which it is worn no longer signifies anything, it’s mainly the overall look of the earring that we are interested in. And this year brings us a whole variety to choose from, from ethnic earrings, to dangling medallions that have made their way up the neck and onto the ear, to oversized statement pieces. The latter, seen at Dsquared ², are in the starring role and beautifully embody the whole concept of the single earring.
The Carabiner
A huge trend in the 1990s, the carabiner is back in force. Considered as old-fashioned, that is precisely its strength today, and it was seen on the runways of Ami and Dior Homme. A practical accessory that is generally seen as a belt ornament, the carabiner happens to mix perfectly with large chain links. No surprise there, as the carabiner is - and will always be - a utilitarian object, one that we are so used to seeing that we sometimes no longer notice it, but one that will never stop reinventing itself. And that, in a nutshell, may be fashion’s greatest strength!
The Cross
Far from the authentic and ostentatious religious sign, the cross is being worn in a new way in 2020. A style idea that is often associated with Dolce & Gabbana or DquareAd ², sometimes more baroque and other times more racy. A sort of flipping off of the religious article, which plenty of men are obviously not at unhappy with, as the cross is now showing up on all sorts of jewellery pieces from the neck to the fingers.
In 2020, men are happier than ever to wear rings. That’s what we are reading between the lines of the Opinion Way report, which states that 66% of 18-24 year olds and 68% of 18-34 year olds buy rings. When talking about men’s jewellery, rings are not always the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, far from dad’s dusty old signet ring, the object is once again at the top of the sales charts. The reason? The advent of the boho chic style, which allows anyone at all to wear a stack of ethnic rings without coming off as a bland cliché. A certain idea of style that makes any man look like a big deal. Finally, maybe that’s what men’s jewellery comes down to: details, everywhere, all the time.

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