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2020.04.03 Fashion

The loose fit, a trend that’s got your best interests at heart

The loose fit, which sometimes flirts with the oversized trend, can be characterized by its cut, which can be worn by both men and women. Far from the “baggy” look with its sack of potatoes connotation, the loose fit can be enhanced through a savvy mix of pieces that can be adapted to different circumstances. And if the loose fit is increasingly popular, especially on the runways, there’s a good reason. Here’s a look at this trend that falls somewhere between comfort and relaxed.

loose fit
loose fit
Characteristics of the loose fit

If another Anglicism could be chosen to qualify this trend, we’d probably go for loose fitting. But what exactly does loose fitting mean? Taken literally, it is relatively straightforward, because it’s all about clothing that is fairly loose yet fitted enough that it doesn’t look sloppy. A certain vision of sartorial harmony that is easy to wear depending on the occasion. The principle challenge for both brands and consumers is to be able to wear a piece that is comfortable, at the border of oversized, without giving up style. Concretely speaking, a loose fit cut is best with airy shapes and soft fabrics, to the detriment of big buttons or garments that are too form-fitting. A loose fit applies as much to pants as it does to t-shirts or sweaters, as long as it’s balanced. Today, several brands (Lacoste, Ami, Moschino, etc.) have latched onto this trend with a view to providing the comfort that many consumers need for their everyday lives. Several fast fashion brands are also developing entire collections of oversized in parallel. It would therefore seem rather audacious to consider the loose fit as a passing trend rather than a way of dressing that will last.

Indeed, this all corresponds to the consumer’s desire to dress differently, somewhere between relaxed and informal, while still looking good. The loose fit is therefore primarily based upon a balanced look that takes a bit of talent to adopt!

loose fit
loose fit
Is the loose fit for everybody?

If the baggy fit was popular in the 1990s, it was nonetheless a precursor to what has today become a stylistic tidal wave. By taking inspiration from those cuts that were wide from hips to heels, brands have reworked the idea and gotten to a point where comfort and style are no longer enemies but complementary! But the real asset of the loose fit is that it can be adapted to every body type. Whether you’re looking to camouflage corpulence or balance out different parts of the body, each piece possesses obvious qualities when it comes to wanting to look good.

It seems like a good idea to reiterate that a loose fit garment is not a garment that is too big, whose cut would give an entirely different effect than the one intended. Overall, a loose fit garment is cut with volumes that are more encompassing and made from comfortable and/or fluid fabrics, but it is certainly not about choosing a garment that’s two sizes bigger. Once again, it’s all about harmony and proportions!

loose fit
loose fit
Deconstruct to balance out

Wearing a loose fit garment means having the confidence to master a certain balance, one that is achieved thanks to a quality in the person who’s wearing it: a sense of proportion. Sure, you could choose to wear a total “oversized” look, but that option is risky and needs some fashion reflexes that not everyone would dare, like high-top shoes to temper the look. That is why most of us focus on a duality of cuts. In other words, fitted on top and loose on the bottom, or vice versa. The overall look achieved is still a loose fit that is harmonious and often easy to put together. Opting for a loose top is the most common approach because it’s the easiest to do. Whether it’s a sweater or a coat, associating it with a fitted or slim pant is easy. This can be worn in many situations and you’re guaranteed not to commit any fatal fashion errors. In this perspective, some might even dare to add a more divisive piece, like a motorcycle jacket. The caveat here is not to wear it “too” loose as, once again, it’s all about balance … the line between tasteful and costume-y can sometimes be a fine one! Choosing a loose pant and a more fitted top can be a riskier proposition, in more ways than one, but it has the advantage of giving character to a certain body shape. You do not necessarily have to go as far as choosing a jodhpur (an Indian pant shape that balloons at the thigh) but the alternative of a cargo pant, for example, would work well for most of us.

Whatever you choose, the essential thing is above all to see the loose fit as a way to associate comfort and style. Indeed, that is the main advantage of this trend, one which should never be pooh-poohed: it is generally very agreeable to wear.

Photography : COMME UN CAMION / AMI / EighteenEast / Markaware / Noyoco / Weekday