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2020.05.22 Lifestyle

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Skincare rituals and moisturised skin: advice from Harmonie, from the Absolution brand

2 minutes every morning, 2 minutes every evening, one or two gestures in the shower … That’s the advice of Harmonie, from the organic and engaged brand Absolution, for men in a hurry! It’s simple to adopt a beauty routine to take care of your skin, moisturize it, care for it, and preserve it. This cosmetics pro explains quickly how to optimize your sex appeal… Why would you say no?

Tell me about yourself in a few words?

My name is Harmonie and I’m 30 years old. I am passionate about the beauty universe and natural wellness, as well as a holistic approach.

What is your training? Your profession? 

A scientific Baccalaureat, trained as a naturopathic health practitioner and a Spa practitioner. A cosmetology diploma, followed by a Bachelor in Sales and Marketing for the cosmetic sector. Currently head of training for the Absolution brand. I take care of creating the protocols for our treatments, our training tools, and carrying out the trainings in both France and abroad.

What is your advice for men, for their skin?

For a men’s skincare routine, I suggest:

Morning: Essence Botanique Pureté. This is a tonic that regulates, calms, and moisturizes. Apply directly onto the tips of your fingers and tap it into your face. This will prepare the skin to receive the next steps of your skincare routine. For men under the age of 25, the Sérum Anti Soif: moisturizing and regulating, with a matte texture. For men between 25 and 40 years old - La Crème de Santé: A fluid texture that is very moisturizing, that naturally calms down the skin’s sensitivities and imperfections thanks to its pre-biotics. For men over the age of 40 - La Crème de l’Homme: moisturizing, calming, and anti-aging, with a fluid texture that leaves the skin matte.   Evening: Nettoyant Pureté. A cleansing and anti-bacterial gel that leaves the skin fresh and clean, without the tightening effect! Helps calm razor burn and regulates surface imperfections. Tip: foam it up with the help of a shaving brush and use it as a shaving cream! Essence Botanique Pureté. Sérum Anti-Soif, Crème de Santé, or Crème de l’Homme, depending on age.   These are generally the most popular products for our male clients because the fluid textures are comfortable and the scents are “gender fluid”. For men seeking a little more, I can also suggest our Boosters d’Absolution for those men looking to better target certain problems. For example, our Booster Pureté can help with minor imperfections and the Booster Lift can augment the skin’s elasticity and target wrinkles. It’s so simple to use: mix one pump of the product into your regular cream, mix it up and apply onto the face!
Why should men take care of their skin?
From a physiological perspective, men’s skin is thicker (20% more than women). It is also oilier as it contains sebaceous glands but also more collagen. The testosterone hormone regulates men’s skin. In a general way, men’s skin is considered to age better because it is more robust and protected (thanks to its collagen sebum and hydro-lipid film). However, men’s epidermis is also subject to razor burn, which makes the skin more sensitive and alters it. Because of the presence of more sebaceous glands, men can also experience imperfections like acne. Hence, to encourage a better aging process for the epidermis, it is important to listen to your skin and give it what it needs to preserve its appearance!

Various problematics:
Regulate seborrhea
Make the skin less sensitive
Prevent aging

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As we know that the beauty of skin is linked to diet, what tips would you give men?
Practice a healthy lifestyle. Avoid eating badly, like refined industrial foods and saturated fats. Moisturize and eat vegetables, especially raw. Look into dietary complements: my favorite product right now is spirulina.
Absolution is a natural, organic brand. How is it conceived for men?
Natural and organic cosmetics are the most alive and the most active on the skin. They stay away from the molecules that are not only harmful for humans, but also for the environment. Hence, they are more effective and the skin is more receptive. Therefore, the masculine epidermis can benefit from the active ingredients that will be the most beneficial in terms of whatever problems the skin is experiencing at the moment.
Finally, what would you say to men who say that they don’t have the time?
Once you have chosen the products that are best adapted to your needs (this often takes the most time, but I would strongly suggest visiting the brand in person so that you can get personalized advice), washing your face thoroughly and applying cream won’t take more than 2 minutes every morning and 2 every evening. Take advantage of moments like when you’re shaving or under the shower to incorporate 2 gestures that will make all the difference in the future! Your skin will thank you for having optimized its appearance (and your sex appeal.)


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