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2020.06.05 Lifestyle

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Thomas Meï is the Brand Manager of Winora, a bicycle brand that is a reference for both electric and classic models. While the current environment has incited a widespread desire to cycle in the city, what is the latest advice to get around town on a bike? Which models and accessories will let you be at the top of your game on a bike ? Thomas tells us all, including some recommendations. There’s no longer any excuse for citizens to resist the siren call of the bicycle.

Hello Thomas, what advice can you give city-dwellers about getting around town these days?
For starters, and even if it’s obvious, there’s the helmet. I still see too many people without one. Then, if you are not comfortable riding, find a street with no traffic to practice on, or go into dedicated zones until you feel comfortable on a bicycle. Keeping security distances is also important, and make sure you can be seen, both day and night. Wear light clothing and above all, no music in your ears so that you can stay alert in your environment. After that, enjoy the ride!
“Daily physical activity is good for the health. Riding a bike breaks the monotony and gives you a real feeling of well-being.” Thomas Meï.

In terms of security, what do you recommend?
A good lock, ideally a steel “U,” gloves are a nice touch and can add a bit of pizzazz, and a bell can come in handy.

What are the plusses of riding a bike in the city?
During the present sanitary crisis, a bike is a true tool of social distancing. It allows you to re-appropriate your environment and to cover a lot of distance, especially with an electric bike. Whether you choose a classic bike or an electric one, daily physical activity is great for your health. A bike breaks the monotony of every day life and gives a real rush before you attack your day, not to mention throughout your weekend. You get to a point where you can no longer do without it.

What 3 models would you recommend for urban riding?
Innovative design, a Yamaha torque-sensing motor, and 20’’ wheels that glide through traffic. The handlebar can be adjusted without a tool; this bike is a trusty partner for urban riding.
Sinus iX10
The star of the Winora line, with an elegant design and integrated battery, a Bosch performance CX 75NM motor, available in different versions: Men’s / Women’s / Swan neck handlebar …. Definitely one of our bestsellers!
Sima 7-400
This entry level style does not skimp on quality. With an unbeatable price/quality ratio and a sublime red color, Sima is one of the best options for an electric bike that won’t empty your bank account.

  Finally, do you think that Covid-19 changed how bikes are seen?
Absolutely, yes, and I hope it lasts. We in France were a bit late compared to our European neighbors in terms of infrastructures, etc. Since this planetary crisis began, the bicycle has stood out as an efficient tool for social distancing while improving one’s health. Less noise in the cities, shorter commuting times, and a new lifestyle accessible to all. I am delighted to watch this change beginning to happen, and I have started going to work on my Sduro Haibike Trekking S 9.0!

Where to buy your bike? Here are three recommended addresses and websites:
L’Hirondelle Shop
103 rue de Blomet, Paris 15e
73 rue de Turbigo, Paris 3e

6 rue Riboutté, 82 bis rue la Lafayette, Paris 9e

En Selle Marcel
29 rue de Berri, Paris 8e

Cycles Tosi
20 passage de Clichy, Paris 18e

Christine Lerche