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2020.07.03 Lifestyle

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That’s French for candle! You know, that gift that gathers dust that you only light to get rid of stale orders? Guess again. With or without fragrance, wax has practically become its own creative medium. Let’s shed some light on your choices with this enlightening look at 5 luminous brands. 

Les Bougies de Frédérique

A three armed candelabra, a heart or even a caduceus, the staff carried by Hermes in Greek mythology, the creations of Frédérique Verdier-Ferniot are both a candle and a candlestick. Can you really use the word candle to describe her creations that take any candle holder and turns it into an opulent centrepiece for a formal dinner or chic picnic? If nothing else, these high-flying, hand-made candles will transform your vision of the object thanks to their delicate pastel colours and inventive shapes. Les Bougies de Frédérique

Sooh yang

With a first name that translates into “good smell,” Soohyang Kim was more or less destined for the world of perfumes and scents. Thanks to its recognisable rose perfume, her eponymous brand has become to candles what K-beauty has become to cosmetics: a game-changer. And no obscure intellectual references for this brand: Boy’s Neck, Champagne Supernova, Everyday is Like Sunday or Gangnam 8, the scent inspired by the brand’s headquarters in the famous neighbourhood of Seoul, Soohyang takes its inspiration from the ordinary and elevates it in one inhale.
Sooh yang

Atelier Oblique

In his boutique in Berlin’s trendy Mitte neighborhood, Mario Lombardo exhibits the creations of his Atelier Oblique, created with Vanessa Obrecht, like works of art under glass bells. From his childhood in Argentina, this art director (also a well known graphic designer) has retained almost nothing but the smells. “Encountering a fragrance is like communicating with a ghost in the room,” he says about this subject. Marble Sea, inspired by the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich; Riparian Moss, like a walk through the deep forest; Saint, with its fiery burst of sensual celebration; each one of his white ceramic receptacles with a delicate black border holds an ode to this immaterial world.
Atelier Oblique

Perfumer H

Lyn Harris is no naive debutante. With Perfumer H, the best known English “nose” of her generation explores all facets of her native England and reconstructs it to its tiniest olfactive detail. You think that the other side of the pond is nothing but a place where it rains 364 days a year? If every cloud smelled like her Rain Cloud, you’d wish it rained every single day. Even though it’s her perfumes that made her reputation, her candles are no slouches. Enveloped in a jar of glass blown by Studio Michael Ruh, you’ll find the sweet and tart scent of marmelade (rightfully named Marmelade), the smell of the breeze that scatters dandelion seeds (Dandelion) and the odour of the forest undergrowth (Humid Wood) that she manages to evoke in each plume of smoke. And her Marylebone boutique that looks like a modern alchemist’s atelier is an absolute must next time you’re in London.
Perfumer H


It’s the creative process itself that inspired the Sleeping Lady candle. Erina, creator of the New York jewelry brand Yenabell, imagined a sculpture perfumed with essential oils in an attempt to transcribe the sense of harmony she feels when she’s designing her creations, made with natural gemstones. This figurine of a meditative woman, which brings to mind the Art Deco bas-reliefs of Alfred Janniot, can be admired for its calming scent or as a work that is as beautiful as it is ephemeral.

Christine Lerche