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2020.03.05 Lifestyle

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Chanel cultivates beauty in its Garden of Eden

Paris’s Jardin des Plantes, a space charged with meaning, is where the luxury house decided to celebrate its vision of beauty. Approaching it as a kind of “open air botanical laboratory” Chanel chose, in concert with the National Museum of National History, to re-interpret their garden of Eden by presenting the rare botanical species that Chanel uses in its raw materials, in line with its overall quest for excellence.
March 28th – 29th at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris

Greenbrands, beauty without compromise

If even in your beauty routine you seek a green thumb but not dirty hands, and you swear by only organic labels chosen according to a specific manufacturing, production, and distribution ethos, head straight to the mygreenbrands boutique on the rue Saint-Georges in Paris’s 9th arrondissement. Natural active ingredients and cutting-edge technologies make up a bouquet of artisanal brands that can provide an exact solution to every client’s needs for their skin, body, and hair. Beauty that is green, alternative and engaged.
49, rue Saint-Georges, 7009 Paris

Find your RITM!

RITM as in “rhythm” that is personalized for you for any circumstance, especially in gyms, which are no longer reserved for athletes or fitness buffs. That is the guiding principle behind the first RITM fitness club to open its doors in a 1350 m2 space on avenue de la Motte-Picquet in Paris’s 15th arrondissement. With an exclusive sports program, special services like a Sports Concierge, premium personalization, a co-working space, a juice bar, and a concept store that includes exhibits, you’ll find it all, no matter what your lifestyle or need … according to your own RITM!

The memory of weft/framework

Trame means framework, the lovely name chosen by this accessory and home furnishings brand that is outlining a new approach to the sector. Like a common thread that runs through the concept, Trame celebrates Mediterranean craftsmanship, defends a memory, and explores the notion of skill. For its first co-creation presented at the Maison & Objet trade fair, Trame takes us on “A Journey to Meknes,” in Morocco. Bed covers, draperies, night tables, ceramics; freely inspired by the imaginary union between Madame de Blois, the daughter of Louis XIV, and the Sultan of Morocco. A perfect marriage of genres and materials. An e-shop is coming soon.

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