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2020.07.17 Lifestyle

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Even if Fashion Week is virtual for the time being, fashion magazine editors have taken full advantage of the past few months’ limbo to put together some wicked summer issues. Here are six tomes to feature on your coffee table or beach towel - a way to show that style is never on vacation.

Les Bougies de Frédérique

This bi-annual publication, launched in 2012 by the Milan-based designer Matteo Greco who is also its Editor in Chief and Fashion Director, aims to reflect the unfettered modern man. For its 17th edition, the magazine invited some of today’s leading creatives, including Spencer Phipps (PHIPPS), Francesco Ragazzi (Moncler and Palm Angels) and photographer Ignasi Monreal, to communicate their definition of power.


“After All” is the cover title of this double edition of Spring 2020 and Fall/Winter 20-21. After All is the protean expression, full of promise. Like an invitation to dive into the world of “after”, this super luxurious issue reads like an encyclopedia of what is beautiful today, and what will be beautiful tomorrow. After All is the only thing that remains constant today.


Publisher Dazed Media has announced that Another Man and AnOther Magazine will be melded into one single magazine to be published twice a year and will address the questions at the very heart of fashion and culture. We’re happy to hear the news, but while we’re waiting we’re also happy to dive into this “last” edition of Another Man, dated Spring/Fall 2020.


Entitled “Summer of Love,” this issue of Hunter Magazine isn’t re-visiting the iconic summer of 1967. Rather, it is talking about the in-between-two-lives, full of potential environment of this unexpected summer break. Let culture bubble up inside of you while the mercury is rising; that is the promise of this issue #36, with its very Tom of Finland inspired cover by Ben Kimura.

fantastic man

The decade had already promised to be epic even before Covid-19 made its appearance and it’s within this perspective that the 31st edition of Fantastic Man was put together. The fantastic man it pays homage to is the architect Koolhaas, whose unparalleled constructions have no equal other than his obsession for the countryside, in an unusual issue that explores new territories, like a report on a new Silicon Valley growing in Nevada and interviews with eclectic thinkers like Alessandro Michele, Ryan Trecartin, and Lizzie Fitch.

boycott magazine

They won’t be sending us their good old kisses from Hyères this year, but Boycott Magazine hasn’t exactly been napping. For this season’s number, they poured just as much energy into this 8th opus of cover portraits. You can choose from Dennis and Shaodi, Taylor-Kae, Omar, Lenny, Josef or Jazzelle, to be the face of the season.

Christine Lerche