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2020.03.27 Lifestyle

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4 yoga classes to follow during confinement

At home, and to make this period more pleasant, it’s essential to have a regular sports practice. No need to panic, we’re here to help you find the best free online courses, available to all.

Clio Pajczer
Clio Pajczer

Clio is a yoga teacher and during this period of at-home isolation, she is offering live, and free, classes. Yoga and Fit Flow for all levels, for a serious and beneficial practice during this time of confinement.

Le Yogascope

Since it’s impossible to go on a yoga retreat right now, the retreat will come to you! Every day, Yogascope, founded by Léa, takes you on a journey of yoga and wellness. Whether you’re an expert or just starting off, here’s a chance to discover a ton of practices and postures, and get motivated as part of a group.

Heberson Oliveira
Heberson Oliveira

This excellent yoga professor, who is as talented as he is funny, invites us to join him in a live practice every day via Instagram. His classes are super positive and challenging; you feel the effects immediately. Perfection!


Co-founder of Flawless Yoga, Aurélie is teaching her classes - while pregnant! What a joy it is to follow her live on Instagram. Adorable, talented, and extremely positive, her classes are almost like therapy. We love it!

Christine Lerche